Android 12 (Go Edition) launches with many new features

Android 12
Android 12
Android 12

After much anticipation, a stable version of Google’s new Android operating system, Android 12 (Android 12) was launched with Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in late October. Now the company has removed the screen from the top of Android 12 (Go edition) as a downgraded version. This Go Edition is mainly used for RAM phones up to 2 GB.

According to Google, the new edition, the successor to Android 11 (Go edition), will help make Android phones faster, smarter, and more privacy-friendly.

Features of Android 12 (Go edition)

The Go Edition is used in low-end phones, so those smartphones have very low quality animation as well as a number of advanced features. But the Go Edition of Android 12 is coming to the market to overcome all these shortcomings. According to Google, phones powered by the new Android 12 (Go version) will be 30 percent faster than those powered by the previous Go version.

This means that an app will open very quickly and overall the phone will be much more efficient than before. Animation is also important for a good software experience, so Google is adding the Splash Screen API to this Go edition, allowing users to see great animation on screen while loading an app.

This new Go Edition will make Android phones smarter. This means that Google will now hibernate apps that have not been used for a long time. As a result, the battery life of the phone will be longer and the storage space of the phone will be significantly increased. Also, whenever an app is hibernated, the user gets a notification about it.

In addition, the “Recent” menu will now help users translate what is on the screen. As a result, those who could not read any content due to language problems will no longer have such problems. Applications can also be shared with each other through Android 12 (Go Edition). Again, the Files Go app allows users to recover their deleted files within 30 days, which will be especially effective for users.

Android 12 (Go edition) also comes with multiple privacy settings keeping in mind the safety and privacy of the users. Google’s new Go Edition software will have a privacy dashboard. As a result, users will be able to see very clearly how some apps are accessing sensitive data. For example – whenever an app accesses the microphone or phone camera, an indicator will show at the top. Users will be able to turn on or turn off their approximate location if an app wants location data.

Now the question is, when are phones including Android 12 (Go edition) coming to the market? Google has said that Android 12 (Go edition) phones will arrive in 2022, but it is not known exactly when. Because it depends entirely on the smartphone brands who will use the new software on their entry-level phones.

According to Google, Android Go edition phones now have more than 200 million users worldwide. And the tech giant is also quite optimistic that this new version will attract a large number of customers.



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