Delete chat by date from Content Protection, Telegram app adds multiple functional features

Content Protection

The popular instant messaging app, Telegram, announced plans to add a bunch of new features to the app to improve the content management of their groups and channels, and to enrich the overall experience of Android and iOS users. These features include various services like ‘Protected Content’, ‘Delete by Date’. Let’s take a look at the newly added features.

Added Protected Content and Delete by Date feature in Telegram app

Content Protection
Content Protection

The messaging app, which protects users’ privacy, thinks that their new ‘secure information’ feature will go a long way in ensuring the privacy of users by delivering various content published by them only to their designated people. Telegram, on the other hand, claims that the ‘Delete by Date’ feature was originally intended to give users complete control over digital footprints.

This allows users to easily find and delete all chats made in the past, as of a specific date. In addition, users can now post through any channel without revealing their identities. The app adds a different dimension to security by providing features such as the ability to access the ‘Device login details’ option from a specific device and automatic logout while idle.

How to use the Protected Content feature

To enable this special feature in your app, open the specific group or channel, go to the ‘Info page’ option, then select ‘Group / Channel Type’, and finally, click on the ‘Restrict Saving Content’ option.

With the ‘Secure Information’ feature, group and channel owners who want to limit their content to members only can stop message forwarding from their chats. This feature not only prevents you from taking screenshots, but also allows you to control the content of the post.

Delete by Date

To take advantage of this feature, first, click on the date calendar that pops up when scrolling chats. Then, select which days the data should be deleted. Please note that for any chat, the option to delete chats by date is currently only available for one-on-one chats, even if it is set to be automatically deleted within a day, a week or a month of sending the message. Available.
This feature guarantees users the right to free-hand access and complete control over their own chat data.

Post anonymously

In this case, first of all, click on the profile picture next to the message bar and choose one of the displayed channels through which you want to post. Then, your post will be shown with the channel name and photo instead of your personal account. When posting as a channel, you will also see the name of the corresponding channel at the top of your message or post.

With this feature, Telegram users will now be able to post anonymously on mass platforms, such as the Telegram public channel. In this case messages or posts will be displayed on behalf of the channel and the user will be considered as a part or representative of that channel.

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