James Webb Space: NASA Launches World’s Largest Telescope, Unknown Space Information

James Webb Space

The door to a groundbreaking discovery opened in the court of the universe. At Christmas, the US space agency NASA has launched the world’s largest and most powerful space telescope to date, which will unravel the mysteries of the universe.

James Webb Space
James Webb Space

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, the next-generation space observatory, flew the European Ariane 5 rocket from the French Guiana’s Kourou spaceport off the northeast coast of South America into space.

The cost of building this exceptional device is about ১০ 10 billion, equivalent to Rs 85,330 crore in Indian currency. Originally, this telescope was specially designed to arouse the curiosity of astronomers about space. This James Webb Telescope will help us to know and understand how the universe was formed after the Big Bang 1.3 billion years ago, how the first, second or third generation stars were formed, how galaxies or clusters came to be.

Three decades ago, another space telescope named Hubble was launched from NASA for almost the same purpose. However, Hubble does not have the ability to dig into the 1.2 billion year history of the universe. And so, the weapon of scientists is now James Webb.

According to data from NASA, on Saturday evening, within half an hour of the rocket’s launch, the giant antenna connecting the telescope to Earth would be unlocked and the solar panels needed to provide power would also be unlocked.

7 days after launch, the telescope’s shields will slowly begin to open. Which will protect it from the scorching sun and heat. The mirror inside the telescope will also open in the second week of launch. And after 6 months, the turn of churning the universe will start.

This new wonder created by astronomers will be able to observe at a much farther distance than the predecessor Telescope, Hubble. His observations will be on the wavelength of infrared rays (‘infrared rays’) that reach far and wide.

Note that James Webb will be placed somewhere 1 million miles from Earth. This telescope, which weighs about the same as a school bus, will orbit the sun from there. Again, when viewed from the sun, the telescope will show its position behind the earth. James Webb has beaten Hubble in this regard too, because Hubble is only able to orbit the earth.

The main attraction of this telescope is the huge mirror which is 21 and a half feet or 8 and a half meters wide with 18 small mirrors inside. The purpose of the infrared ray reflection is again, the upper part of those mirrors made of beryllium is wrapped in gold leaf.

After all, the successful launch of this telescope-integrated rocket marked the beginning of a new beginning in space research. This time, Christmas is literally celebrated in space too. And this Christmas day has become the ‘Red Letters Day’ of space exploration for an entire civilization.

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