SSC Result 2021 SSC Result with Marksheet

SSC Result 2021

SSC Result 2021

When will the SSC result be mine, yours; Everyone has questions. The SSC exams started on February 2 this year. This year, more than 20 lakh students across the country participated in the SSC exams.

The Board of Secondary or Higher Secondary Education conducts the examinations. According to the prevailing rules, the results of SSC are published within two months after the end of the examination every year. The SSC or equivalent result was published on May 6 last year.

Do you want to know when SSC or equivalent results will be published? Then by reading this article you will know the official date on which the result of SSC or equivalent examination will be published by Vocational and General Education Board.SSC Result 2021

We will let you know on what date the results will be published based on the information from different media. So let’s start the main discussion without delay.

We know that SSC examinations have been held under nine General Education Boards and Madrasa and Vocational Education Boards across the country. The tests were conducted at the same time and in the same routine in more than 500 test centers across the country.
When will SSC result 2021 be given

SSC Vocational or equivalent results are scheduled to be released on May 6, 2021. Although this is not an official announcement. We will have to wait for some time to get the official announcement.

Bangladesh Board of Education Authority has said that SSC results 2021 will be released in the first week of May. Therefore all the students who are participating in the SSC exams this year will get your results in May. You can read this post carefully to get results. We have discussed in detail all the information regarding the results here.

We all know that SSC exams start on 3rd February and end on 26th. Therefore all SSC candidates are now just waiting to get their results. According to last year’s statistics, the results of this year’s and SSC examinations will be published three months later. Students can follow our website to get the results because we publish the results first.

Basically everyone is waiting for the results first. And we also try to publish all the information on our website first by considering those aspects of the students. Compared to previous years, this year’s SSC results are expected to be as expected. Because this year the students have given very good exams in all subjects. The suggestions on our website have played an important role in giving them a good test.

SSC Results 2021
SSC Results 2021

The result of SSC examination was not published even after giving the prescribed time several times. Students and their parents are suffering from anxiety. Considering the current situation in the country, it has not been possible to publish the results of the examination on time, said the chairman of the Bangladesh Board of Education. Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni said that the desired results of HSC examination are going to be published after Eid and he forbade the examinees to be upset in this regard. The Prime Minister has announced the same opinion.

Throughout this entire article I will discuss the rules for viewing SSC exam marksheets and applying for scholarships, including ways to get SSC exam results. So read the article carefully to get all the necessary information.

Date of SSC result 2021

SSC Exam 2021 results are going to be published in the next few days. For those of you who still don’t know the date of the result, read this post in its entirety. Because we have said here when the SSC results will be published. Many students break down on the day the results are released so I will tell them to be patient without breaking down. Follow our website to get the first results. Inshallah we hope to be able to give you results in due time.

SSC Results 2021

At present, due to the dire situation of Coroid (Covid-19) in the world including Bangladesh, it is not possible to give the result of SSC examination before Eid. The head of the board of education said that the result of SSC and equivalent examination 2021 is going to be published after Eid.

The results of SSC examination will be published as soon as possible after Eid without any further delay. Although the results of SSC examinations are published every year in the month of May, they have come to this conclusion considering the current situation.

Here I will further discuss the rules of viewing SSC exam results including SSC exam results, rules for getting marksheet of SSC exam, rules of scholarship and rules of board challenge. I will try to discuss everything in very fluent language so stay with me to know everything.

How to get SSC Result 2021?

I will first discuss the way to get SSC exam results. There are several ways to get SSC exam results including SMS method, online method and how to collect SSC exam results from school.

Usually it is not possible for many to go to school on the day of the result and collect the result.

Therefore, in today’s age of modern technology, anyone can collect SSC results sitting at home. This is why you can easily collect your desired SSC and equivalent 2021 exam results using SMS on your phone or online Bangladesh Board of Education website.

Even though the date of the result has been fixed, my head is a little worried about how to get the result of SSC exam very fast!

There are several ways to get SSC exam results. The best way is to view the SSC exam results online via SMS or online by visiting the Board of Education website.

Or you can go to your own school and find out the result of your SSC exam. However, you must wait until the results are published.

I will now discuss all the issues one by one in a beautiful way.
How to view SSC Result 2021 (SMS)

To get your SSC result via SMS you have to go to the SMS box on your phone and type

Your roll number
The first three letters of your board and
Your exam year

After all the writing is done, you have to send a good looking SMS to 16222.

After a while you will know the result of your test via a return SMS.


SSC <Space> RAJ <Space> 165478 <Space> 2021 and send to 16222.

You must wait until two in the afternoon to see the results until the SSC results are released by the Prime Minister.
Second method: online method

In order to collect SSC exam results online, you must first go to the website of Bangladesh Board of Education ( and follow some rules and regulations.

Your roll number
Your registration number
Your board’s full name

You will need to fill out a captcha after entering your exam year.

When everything is over, you will look again to see if you have done anything wrong! If you make a mistake, you can rewrite all your text by pressing the reset button. Then you must press the submit button. It is much easier to get SSC exam results online. Through online you will get the result of your desired SSC and equivalent exam 2021 in the blink of an eye.

You will be able to see your SSC exam results very quickly and easily through online. That is why you have to go to this website ( which is a website under the Board of Education and you have to go to this website and write some rules and regulations.

After entering the website you have to fill in a captcha with your roll number, registration number, full name of your board and the year next to you and after writing everything you have to press the submit button.

If you make a mistake, you can reset and re-write everything correctly.

In the blink of an eye you will get all your descriptions including your SSC exam 2021 results.

Due to the server being too busy on the day of SSC exam result, you have to wait for some time to get your desired result and you have to try patiently.
How to download SSC 2021 marksheet?

Nowadays it is very easy to download marksheets online.

You can do the same by visiting the website of Bangladesh Board of Education ( to download your SSC exam marksheet.

Your roll number
Your registration number
With the name of your board

You must specify your exam year and submit.

Shortly after submission you will get your desired marksheet with all your descriptions and from that marksheet you will know the grade number of all your subjects and from here you can easily download your marksheet.

The thing we have to be sure of even after looking at the SSC exam results is the matter in the marksheet. Because through marksheet we can know GPA grade in all our subjects. Here I will tell the rules of SSC exam marksheet download.

To download SSC exam marksheet you have to enter the website of Bangladesh Board of Education in the same way as you saw the result online and there is your name, not your roll.

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